You thought you’d lose weight and reach your goals by going vegan.

But you’re stuck and you don’t know why the results everyone raves about aren’t happening for you.

Did you know there are just as many ways to eat a vegan diet as there are ways to eat an omnivorous one?

Nice to meet you, I’m Megan.

The only health coach that helps you use your sense of compassion and empathy on yourself to break free of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that keeps you stuck.

I’m the founder of the food blog, megankerry.com and the brand Go Vegan With Megan.

As a long time ethical vegan who ate well but missed the nutritional marks I needed to give me the results I craved…..

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re doing everything right and still not progress.

It’s my passion to help people move past their own roadblocks so they can finally get to a healthy weight and disease proof their future.

With a background in nursing, I fully understand how different diseases affect the body. The medications used to treat those diseases don’t treat the underlying causes and often lead to unpleasant side effects..

I use this knowledge in combination with the nutritional information I learned from Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Coaching Certificate Program to transform my clients lives using a powerful micronutrient dense diet while releasing deep mindset blocks.

As seen in:

I’ve worked in the health and weight loss space for over 10 years, getting my start as a Health Counsellor for Herbal Magic.

Although the information I teach now is very different from what I taught then,

the skills I learned coaching people through their health and weight loss journeys have made a huge impact on how I help my clients today.

As a bedside nurse I’ve learned the soft skills of building a therapeutic relationship based on trust.

My client’s needs are always met with respect, empathy, privacy, and the most up to date clinical information available.

When you’re my client, you learn so much more than just how to eat well.

My philosophy is 

when you learn to love and respect yourself as you are, only then can you make real lasting changes for your health by honoring your body’s needs.

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Oh, and did I mention I am a serious foodie??

When my husband and I went vegan 6 years ago I made it my mission to re-create our favorite comfort foods so we could still enjoy eating the food we grew up with while opting out of supporting the animal agriculture industry.

I even created an entire blog centered around good-for-you vegan comfort food!

You can see my most popular vegan recipes here.

"Without your incredibly fun and detailed recipes, my family would starve. You make going vegan all the more awesome. I can't cook to save my life, so your recipes really really help me and are so easy to follow even I can't mess them up. You rock girl!!!!"
Okay, I definitely need this kind of clarity and organization in my life. I'm the primary cook of the household and I spend so much time pondering meal times. I'm sure it clears up a lot of mental space for even more productive things. I am going to follow your lead - wish me luck!

Not everyone is ready for the intensity of my health coaching program.

To help you where you are at, I have DIY resources to get you started.

Zero to Vegan will take you from knowing a little bit about what veganism is and how to eat well to full on expert in less than 4 hours

To take the guesswork out of mealtime, I’ve created Vegan Meal Plans that are designed to be salt, oil, and sugar free while keeping the flavors bold.

And to support you deeply, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join my free coaching community, How to Go Vegan with Megan.

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Thank you so much for explaining the meal breakdown to the detail that you did, I’m actually going to print out that plan to help my dad do his vegan challenge that he’s starting on the 21st to try to help him lose weight. ☺️💜
Can this be taught in schools please!? I feel like we all know so little about meal planning, balanced diets and how to get what we need for our bodies that something like this would be sooooo beneficial in schools!
Living Free Ashley
I love how you broke it down so easy for the new vegans to be able to meal plan by picking from each category. That ensures they're satisfied and not still hungry after a meal.

You should know…

I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life.

I’ve conquered cravings, food addiction, toxic hunger, and peer pressure.

I’ve been deep, unearthing my own limiting beliefs, confronting my fears of success, and aligning my subconscious with my conscious to move forward.

They say that the difference between those who fail to reach their goals and the people who do comes down to a willingness to keep trying.

That’s what I did.

I kept searching and trying and getting up after I failed so I could try again.

Until I finally found what worked.

I want you to share in the success I have by teaching you how to love yourself enough to give your body what it really needs.

I’m here to tell you that until you are fully aligned you will never allow yourself to succeed.

If you feel that same drive that I felt, and you’re ready to do the deep work that it takes to transform your story, book a strategy session with me today.

I’ll help you uncover your motivations and get crystal clear on your next steps to get you where you want to be.

During our call you’ll discover what you’ve been eating that has been holding you back, and I’ll give you tips on how to correct it so you can start seeing the results you want.

We’ll also talk in great detail about your true motivations and what vision you see for yourself in the future.

Because until you are crystal clear on what drives you, you’ll be stuck spinning your wheels.

Together we will make a clear path to follow to get you from where you are at today to where you need to end up.