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Plant Based Coaching for Busy Moms

Ready to go plant based but not sure where to start?

Coaching could be a great fit for you!

With so many options available for education and resources online, it’s more important than ever to seek specialized support catered to your unique lifestyle and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As a super busy mom of 4 young kids I know how difficult it can be to meet competing demands on your time and schedule.

My husband Adam and I made the switch to veganism 7 years ago after learning about the animal agriculture industry and deciding it wasn’t something we wanted to be part of any longer. At the time we only had Savannah and she was just 2 ½ years old.

I went on to transition our daughter to a fully vegan diet and have 3 more healthy vegan pregnancies. Now all 4 of our children eat plant based and I like to brag that when I say we’re having broccoli for dinner everyone is super excited!

We dealt with a lot of push back from well meaning friends and family and had to develop strong boundaries and communication skills to maintain our relationships.

Being a super big foodie, I learned a whole new way of creating delicious food without using animal products and eventually I developed a food blog dedicated to teaching other busy moms how to do the same.

My nursing background prepared me to learn how plant based eating can help prevent disease and prolong lifespan and soon it became my goal to practice preventative medicine my way by teaching mom’s how to eat plant based for health.

I took Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Coaching Certificate program in 2021 and have gone on to mentor, teach, and coach 100’s of women as they have made the switch.

My philosophy when it comes to serving my clients is that once mom knows what healthy swaps to make and she learns how to recreate favorite family meals into healthier versions then the whole family wins. With just 1 client I am able to make a bigger impact on the family as a whole.

Food needs to taste delicious, be nutritious and facilitate all of the memories, traditions, and togetherness comfort food has to offer.

Yes, you can do this too and you can do it without spending hours in the kitchen, blowing your grocery budget or making multiple meals for picky eaters.

Yes! When you eat a plant based diet that focuses on whole natural foods weight loss becomes a side effect of good health. I teach the Focused Foods First method so you can say goodbye to calorie counting, annoying tracking apps, and micromanaging your meals while enjoying delicious foods the whole family will love.

I’ve personally lost over 30 pounds switching to a whole food plant based diet after years of eating vegan and getting minimal results.

Clients who follow FFF lose 20+ pounds in 90 days without sacrificing taste, special family moments or creating another part-time job for themselves just to track and manage their foods.

I offer a “pay as you go” style of coaching. I believe you should have the flexibility and freedom to have support when and where you need it.

If you’re someone who needs the extra motivation, accountability, and commitment of a full program you can prepay and prebook your appointments.

I’ve personally lost over 30 pounds switching to a whole food plant based diet after years of eating vegan and getting minimal results.

Clients who follow FFF lose 20+ pounds in 90 days without sacrificing taste, special family moments or creating another part-time job for themselves just to track and manage their foods.

I love coaching this way because it offers the ultimate flexibility for my clients.

You are able to start right away due to the low investment up front vs a full coaching program that can run $1500-$3500 up front.

You get to decide what you want to work on and when vs a full coaching program or course that has an outlined curriculum and pace.

We get to build a therapeutic coaching relationship based on trust slowly as we get to know each other better through our sessions.

If finances change or you’ve reached a point in your journey where you no longer need the same level of support, you are not locked in to a program.

I’m confident that once we have our first session together, you’ll want to continue your journey but if for some reason you decide coaching is not right for you at this time then you have not invested a ton of time, effort, or finances into your journey.


Your initial session is the most important as this is the starting point for your journey. We will do a deep dive into your personal health journey, discover your roadblocks to success, and dive into what big, short, medium, and long term goals you want to achieve.

This initial session lasts about an hour and costs $99.00 CAD.

Follow up sessions are $55.00 CAD and run from 30-45 minutes depending on what we are working on.

All of our sessions are online video sessions. Join from the comfort of your home, during your lunch break or before school pick up. This makes it very convenient for you to keep up with your progress and get the accountability you need to succeed.

I offer a wide range of support for your personal health journey. The following is a quick list of ideas and is not all inclusive.

If there is something specific you would like support with that is not listed please reach out over messenger!

Together we can cover:

  • Meal planning catered to your unique preferences and nutritional requirements. Learn how to get enough protein, calcium, and nutrients on a vegan diet while enjoying what your eating.
  • Recipe development where we can veganize favorite meals making them healthy and omnivore approved.
  • Realistic goal setting with clear step-by-step action plans to get you there: break down what you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to hit those big goals
  • Overcoming mindset blocks and recognizing limiting beliefs that are holding you back: do a deep dive into your patterns that keep you feeling stuck and learn what your triggers are so you can reconcile limiting beliefs and move past them
  • Motivation & Affirmations: Learn what’s important to you on the deepest levels about reaching your goals and succeeding then create affirmations that resonate deeply and evoke feeling so you can stay laser focused on your goals and internalize your big WHY.
  • Gaining confidence in yourself: learn to recognize your wins and allow yourself to feel a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling like it’s not good enough, fast enough, or big enough of a win.
  • Communication skills so you can protect your personal boundaries around your health decisions without stepping on other peoples toes. Have those tough discussions with your closest loved ones so they can understand how important your lifestyle change is for you and then they can support you as you make changes.

Before you can book an appointment it’s important that we have a quick chat to make sure I am the right coach for you and that coaching is a good fit for the goals you want to achieve.

I am available on Facebook messenger and I will respond to you within 24 hours when you send me a message. From there I’ll ask you a few questions about your journey so far and what goals and struggles you’ve had. At that point if we both determine that coaching would be a good fit then I will offer you a session at a time that works best for your schedule.

Alternatively, you can reach me via email here: [email protected]

I accept payment by etransfer for all coaching sessions. For prepaid appointments I offer a 24 hour cancellation policy. All meal plans and digital products are available online where you can use a credit card to purchase.

Do to the nature of the work I do there are no refunds for appointments or digital products such as meal plans and resources.

The best way for you to find out if coaching would be a good fit for you is to send me a message now! I will ask you questions related to your journey and tell you if I can support you.

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