Pro-Shot: Food Photography for the Instagrammer and Blogger

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and wonder how people can get such a perfect shot of their latest eats?

Are you a new blogger wanting to learn a few tricks to get your brand noticed?

Looking to land your first paid post???

Pro-Shot: Food Photography for the Instagrammer and Blogger was made just for you!

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I’m going to be showing you step-by-step how to capture a beautiful photo and edit it to perfection using your iPhone and a free application called Snapseed

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This resource is a quick start guide to help you take your food photography pro and set your brand apart! In under 1 hour you can elevate your photography skills and start producing results that win-today.

It’s all about the click! Whether you want to drive traffic with an enticing pin, showcase your recipes in a beautiful gallery on Instagram, or get that recipe post shared, this book can help you!

I’m going to walk you through what it takes to capture a great shot, and how to edit that photo to really make it pop!

Having great food photos is an important step towards winning brand sponsorships, loyal fans, and it can even propel you into marketing your photography skills to restaurants, food suppliers and more.

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I wanted to make this resource as easy as possible to use because I know firsthand how overwhelming it can be when you’re first getting started working in the online world.

This book is designed for bloggers, Instagrammers and others who really need their food photography to shine-without having to learn new equipment or editing programs.

I’ll walk you through important concepts like composition, lighting, angles and we will focus on getting those creative juices flowing so you can develop your own individual style.

This 100 page resource is a steal of a deal at $9.99, BUT if you have a Kindle Unlimited account-it’s absolutely FREE!

We are using the Snapseed app here to edit everything. I love Snapseed due to its intuitive interface. It’s also a very powerful photo editing app that allows you to adjust contrast, saturation, exposure, background blur and many more features that we will dive into!

I am not including information on cameras and lenses here, as we are only focusing on the iPhone/smartphones.

You will not find information on iso, aperture, or shutter speed. I want to make this resource a simple quick start guide for the person who is just starting out, using the equipment they already have on hand.

I’m focusing on the basic principles of food photography. If you are already using a DSLR and editing in lightroom or photoshop, this book might not be the right fit for you.

For everyone else, let’s get started, shall we???

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