You're one step away....from reaching your health goals

(especially if you're an ethical vegan, serial dieter, or facing a serious health crisis)

(Hurry up-I am a one woman show and spots are extremely limited)

What people say about what I do:

"Thank you so much for explaining the meal breakdown to the detail that you did, I’m actually going to print out that plan to help my dad do his vegan challenge that he’s starting on the 21st to try to help him lose weight. ☺️💜 "
"I love how you broke it down so easy for the new vegans to be able to meal plan by picking from each category. That ensures they're satisfied and not still hungry after a meal. "
"Okay, I definitely need this kind of clarity and organization in my life. I'm the primary cook of the household and I spend so much time pondering meal times. I'm sure it clears up a lot of mental space for even more productive things. I am going to follow your lead - wish me luck! 😛 "

On Mindset and motivation...

More confidence and fast results…

Deeper understanding on how your body works..

Belief that you can really succeed..

On how delicious plant-based food can be...

"Without your incredibly fun and detailed recipes, my family would starve. You make going vegan all the more awesome. I can't cook to save my life, so your recipes really really help me and are so easy to follow even I can't mess them up. You rock girl!!!!"
"This (vegan eggs benedict) was delicious! I’ve made it at least once a week since I found the recipe. Thank you. Even my boys (who love eggs and bacon on the weekends) loved the hollandaise sauce."
"Yes yes yes! This is what I'm talking about. You are so right! Thank you for the push. I can do this with your help. This is what I need."