If you believe that changing your diet and lifestyle is about connecting to your true potential and purpose, you're in the right place

Plant Empowered is a life changing intensive program designed specifically for ethical vegans and plant-based eaters who are BRILLIANT at understanding the role diet plays on their health but are struggling to incorporate what they know into their daily routine without feeling restricted.

My clients are driven by personal growth and are looking for a way to use their empathy and compassion in their own lives to make changes that last. I help clients eat a micronutrient dense diet and release their limiting beliefs around success so they can breakthrough their blocks and give their body what it needs to thrive.

We work together intensively for 8 weeks on the following:

I help you identify your deep limiting beliefs and resolve conflicts between what your mind wants to do (goals) and what your subconscious is protecting you from (blocks).

I do this by first examining your past responses to losing weight and making changes so I can remove the layers to get to the real story you tell yourself. This will help you see the deeper meanings and fears surrounding self-sabotage.

I also take you through exercises that will marry your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals so you can change that story and start living in alignment. This will stop you from self-sabotaging and allow you to move forward.

I help you design meals that are easy to make and delicious so you actually WANT to eat healthfully.

Now that you have an incredibly deep understanding of who you are and what holds you back, I help you design a way of eating that will predictably and sustainably have you losing weight. This is not only about weight loss. Getting within your ideal BMI is a side effect of the level of health you will experience.

I help you crave all of the healthy foods you used to fight yourself to eat by retraining your tastebuds to detect the subtle flavors in natural foods. This will give you more pleasure from eating healthfully than you ever experienced eating processed and addictive foods.

I teach you how to structure your meals to hit all of the top 5 superfoods daily and achieve nutritional excellence. Eating this way will promote weight loss and disease prevention in a way that medications and supplements can never replicate.

I teach you a simple, effective, and powerful meal planning strategy to help you streamline the overwhelm of changing your diet.

Using GBOMBS coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I will overhaul your current way of eating to not only be simpler than what you’re used to now but become your most powerful tool to prevent disease and regain your health.

Using the GBOMB methodology to hit all the nutritional marks daily is a proven system that will deliver incredible health benefits no matter which foods you choose to eat in each category or preparation methods you use.

Because it is simple, you will master a framework. You will practice ONE THING, not a whole bunch of different methods (calorie counting, macros, etc.) It is easier to gain mastery and you will never again have to wonder what to eat or how to prepare meals.

You skip the problems by focusing on nutritional excellence, not a new diet fad.

This eliminates the overwhelming feeling of what to eat or learning complicated ways to measure what you consume. You do not need to be a pro in the kitchen for this methodology to work.

I help you identify the foods and meals you already know and love and work those into your plan so you can learn how to adapt any meal to be a health promoting one.

Movement is essential to good health. I will teach you how to integrate movement daily, so it does not feel like work, and so you’re excited about using your time this way.

By combining rewards, you already enjoy with movement activities you will soon be able to learn to love moving your body. I’ll take you through a series of questions to identify what you’re most drawn to and help you integrate these activities into your daily routine so it becomes an enjoyable experience. Once your body has dropped weight, you will be so excited about how it really feels to be lighter.

I teach you how to protect your boundaries surrounding your health goals and communicate with the people in your social circle so they will respect your choices to eat better

What I teach is the opposite of what we think a “pushy vegan” is. There is a time for activism (which I do participate in) and a time for advocating for your own needs. After going through the communication exercises, I give you an understanding of your deep motivations for making this change and you will have every tool you need to both assess your current relationships as helpful or harmful and to move the helpful relationships forward into a supporting role.

I teach you to further your development by creating your own social network of continued support, so you never feel like you are on your own.

I believe that we are in control of the life we design for ourselves. Part of the way you get to the final goal is by integrating who you are going to be with the people who are already there. We will re-work the story you tell yourself about who you are now into a story you are proud to tell others. My program pushes you to evolve yourself into the kind of person you ultimately were meant to be. We work deeply together to identify your “end point” and then attract the people who are at this point in their lives to you so you will always have supportive people in your life. People who share the same values as you do. These people will serve as inspiration and push you to always be your best self.

tool you need to both assess your current relationships as helpful or harmful and to move the helpful relationships forward into a supporting role.

"Without your incredibly fun and detailed recipes, my family would starve. You make going vegan all the more awesome. I can't cook to save my life, so your recipes really really help me and are so easy to follow even I can't mess them up. You rock girl!!!!"
"Okay, I definitely need this kind of clarity and organization in my life. I'm the primary cook of the household and I spend so much time pondering meal times. I'm sure it clears up a lot of mental space for even more productive things. I am going to follow your lead - wish me luck! 😛 "
"Yes yes yes! This is what I'm talking about. You are so right! Thank you for the push. I can do this with your help. This is what I need."

Now let’s talk about HOW I do what I do.

My program lasts 8 weeks. It’s progressive, which means each piece builds on the preceding one and I require clients to do things in order. This ensures that you are building on a stable foundation that will support the depth and breadth of your health outcome.

Each client is coached personally by me, Megan.

You receive deeply customized feedback on all the written assignments you submit each week. This means you are never left wondering if you understood the assignment correctly or whether you have gone deep enough. I will not only tell you, but I will suggest improvements.
You will also be required to attend one educational coaching call every single week.

You will have the flexibility to choose a time that suits your calendar within the sessions I have available each week. I encourage you to immediately book your next session once we finish with the first.

Each call is recorded for future reference and lasts 60-90 minutes, depending on the topic that week. This is your opportunity to ask questions, talk through any struggles with your diet, get face time with me and work through subconscious patterns that are holding you back or self-sabotaging.

My program offers accountability support via messenger. You have access to me directly for the entire duration of your program to offer support, guidance, accountability and help in between our coaching sessions.

I am in contact with you DAILY for the first 2 weeks of the program. This is when you need the most support because you will be learning a new way to eat, and your body will be fighting you every step of the way until you are over the detox hump.

After the first two weeks I will message you 3x per week to check in on your progress, but you are free to message me at any time during the program.

To sum up, you get:

To qualify for Plant Empowered:

Let us talk about the investment:

One thing that became obvious exceedingly early on is how much money my clients stand to save, once they finally get clarity on what blocks are holding them back, the confidence to break those beliefs, and gain complete control over their cravings and food decisions. And once they have a clear way of eating that supports their vision for optimal health that is sustainable to reach their goals while they enjoy what they are eating.

In pricing Plant Empowered (including the deep level of support I mentioned earlier), I’ve managed to keep the financial investment at a respectable number, in the early “four figures” which is far, far less than the ongoing financial costs (easily adding up to five figures a year in weight loss apps, gimmicks, medications, doctor appointments, medical interventions, burning money eating out and consuming foods that don’t support your health).

This is not counting the financial costs of major medical interventions like heart surgery, diabetes management, and cancer treatments. These types of diseases will cost the average American up to 6 figures. The emotional burden, health consequences and toll on your confidence that comes from trying to reach your goals and never making the changes stick.

I am in contact with you DAILY for the first 2 weeks of the program. This is when you need the most support because you will be learning a new way to eat, and your body will be fighting you every step of the way until you are over the detox hump.

After the first two weeks I will message you 3x per week to check in on your progress, but you are free to message me at any time during the program.

When pricing my program, I took the following 6 factors into consideration:

The financial cost of trying a new diet or app every year

Many of my clients come to me after they’ve spent between $5K and $10K on weight loss coaching, DIY programs, subscriptions, books, meal prep services, weight loss drugs and supplements all for very little to zero results. Americans alone spend upwards of 60 BILLION dollars a year to lose weight.

And you can bet that the business model for all those programs is not to serve you once at a premium rate that gives you lasting success.

The weight loss industry is so huge because the programs, supplements, and gurus are there to help you lose a little, just to gain it back and spend another $1000 to lose it again.

I worked in the weight loss industry for over 5 years as a Health Counsellor for a huge weight loss company.

I believed in that program when I was working there, and you can bet my clients saw results. But it was never sustainable for the long term because we used appetite suppressing supplements combined with a nutritionally deficient, low calorie diet.

Many of my clients have been struggling for their entire adult lives to reach their goals with health and diet advice that has never served them.

My clients understand that the biggest cost financially is not the money they are spending on weight loss programs, apps, and supplements to lose weight now. The biggest cost is the money they are LIKELY to spend if they do not get their nutritional act together today. 

Eg: If you end up with heart or blood vessel disease like 48% of Americans will, you could face a $200, 000 medical bill for bypass surgery. This does not include any ongoing care or medications before and after you have had your surgery. Just the medications alone to manage heart disease cost (conservatively) $1500 per year. Add that up over the course of the next 20-30 years and you are in the hole 45 grand. And that is on top of the surgery bill.

The energetic cost of having a lifestyle that drains you

Almost all my clients have the sense that they are just so close to a breakthrough but having tried all the things, they are stumped as to what to try next. Their confidence in themselves is shaken and they need something that will address the root cause of their inability to succeed.

Add to this the deep drag of protecting your energy from those around you that are getting fed up with your unhappiness. These are the same people who keep you connected to your food addictions and old patterns. These people are trying to protect you from feeling unhappy, but are eroding any hope you have that you can succeed.

Another possibility is that you suffer from crippling guilt because despite having the most supportive family and friends in the Universe, you still haven’t been able to reach your goals. And because your diet and lifestyle aren’t nurturing you back, the time, money and energy you’re putting into trying to figure out what will work is actually a cost to your family, friends and personal well being.

The time cost of not knowing how to fix the problem

My clients are striving for self betterment, so they don’t lack for being open to trying something new. The only problem is more information and methods aren’t solving the problem (and it might be creating new ones). There is no point learning new ways to lose weight if your program doesn’t address the core issues you have that are limiting your success.

My clients have tried many of the common methods – counting calories, staying within their allotted points, adjusting macros, high carb low fat, focusing on starch, eating only raw, 80-10-10, etc.
They have finally come to craving a sustainable way to lose the weight and regain their health. Their taste for the drama of “maybe this is what I need” that feeds the ego-story of “losing weight is difficult and complicated” has been quenched. They want something that they can master so they do not have to stay in a never-ending diet cycle, switching to the latest fad.

They want a lifestyle that transcends the latest trend. They want food that is nourishing that gives them pleasure when they eat it and they want to get back to feeling like themselves, while releasing any fears of future health scares and weight gain.

The identity cost of a diet that does not work

No matter what their gender, most of my clients see themselves as ethical, caring human beings with a great capacity for empathy and compassion. They feel best when they are giving. And because they have been giving more than they can manage to their responsibilities, they often feel like they do not have enough left over to give to themselves.

My clients want to have energy to wake up in the morning, feel comfortable in their own skin, have the confidence to really put themselves out there in the world as they are, show their kids what it is really like to live a healthy lifestyle.

Being vegan simply is not enough. My clients want to finally look the part and not have to stress about how their appearance reflects on their lifestyle choices. And the burden of being out of alignment with this role keeps them in a constant state of corrosive stress.

Over time, this stress leads to physical symptoms (which I will discuss next) as well as a loss of confidence, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

The physical toll of a lifestyle that does not nurture you back

When you’re a compassionate, empathetic, giving person, you need a way to conserve that energy, so you have something left to nurture yourself. You are not easily fooled by surface level self care rituals (face masks, new clothes, etc.). You know when your health is working and when it is not, and this intuition makes it really hard to hide from the problem. And you know that solving this problem with a series of quick fixes/ fad diets hasn’t worked for a long time.
When your energy is constantly flowing out, it will often deplete you and lead to physical issues. Chronic stress leads to cognitive decline, auto-immune conditions, premature aging, depression and more.

Eating a diet that feels out of alignment because you think you don’t have a choice due to cravings and food addictions or because you’ve ran out of ideas on what to try next. And your body is paying for it.

Autoimmune issues are a multi-billion dollar industry. So is mental health. Why not take control, get alignment and freedom?

  1. The freedom that comes from figuring it out

The real reason my clients work with me is because I help connect them deeply to their own truth. And free them from food addictions that have taken over their ability to choose health.

This gives them back trust in themselves and their intuition. Trust in their ability to do hard things. Trust in their capacity to love themselves. Trust that they have control over their life.

The personal growth and clarity surrounding their diet gives them back loads of physical energy to spend with loved ones or nurturing their development further.

Many of my clients are able to do the things they thought they never could all because they have the confidence from seeing how they can take control of their diet and health. Learning how to break free from the old patterns and stories surrounding our current reality allows limitless possibilities for future growth.

This is about so much more than just losing weight and regaining your health. This is about regaining control over your future and regaining the confidence to live your best life. To show up. To be who you were meant to be. And to have the capacity to be an example to those you care about in your own life.

We all make ripples in the lives of one another. It feels so good to be living in alignment with your values, goals, and beliefs. The people in your life will see this change in you and they will be inspired to treat their own health with as much care and attention as you now do.


I’ve been on the same journey I teach. Here’s how it’s helped me:

The real magic of Plant Empowered is the way it helps vegans and plant-based eaters use their compassion and empathy on themselves to finally start treating their body with the respect and love it deserves by feeding it the food it requires to function optimally.

Where every meal becomes an act of healing for oneself. Where healing oneself opens doors to deeper transformation in all areas of your life.

Where one’s actions and lifestyle is fueled by self acceptance and self trust so you can give more to yourself without fearing guilt or shame. And by giving more in this nourishing way, you learn to receive more abundance.

It’s about being a beacon of light in your community and falling in love – with yourself, your body and your life – in a whole new way.

If you’re interested in experiencing this shift in your own diet and lifestyle, the next step is simple: apply for your free Breakthrough Session.

Or, if you prefer email, write me directly at megan (at) megankerry (dot) com

I will write back with a few questions to help determine whether my program is a fit for you. We’ll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it’s a fit, I can get you enrolled the same day, and get your first session scheduled within a single business day!