Make life extra easy with my signature plant-based meal plans

Choose from a variety of themes to suit your style!

Whether you love vegan comfort food, or you’re looking for a light and healthy plan to kick start weight loss, there’s a plan for you!

Grocery Lists & Meal Prep

Know exactly what you need to pick up for the week with my grocery store lists-unique to each and every meal plan.

Plus, get detailed instructions for Day 0 meal prep-whether you need to make a large pot of brown rice, pre-cook some beans, or chops some fresh veggies to have on hand.


Image shows a cell phone with a vegan meal plan on it over a bowl of vegan food

Leave the guesswork at the door...

You know that eating a healthy vegan diet sets you up for reaching your personal health and wellness goals, but when it comes to actually implementing it-you get a little stuck.

Or maybe you’ve been eating vegan for a while now and you want to shake things up a little bit.

These vegan meal plans offer you easy and exciting recipes that will have food on the table in under 30 minutes.

No more waste

No more wasted time trying to meal plan a balanced week.

No more wasted money…

Did you know that the average consumer throws out over 30% of the food they buy every month??

When you have a plan, you avoid wasting money on food you won’t eat…

and that leads to saving on food waste too!

Here’s what’s included in every 5-Day printable plan:

For people who love to have structure to follow, the 5 days can easily be repeated to plan out an entire  month or more.

And, by sticking with a 5 day plan you have room to experiment with different recipes you’d like to try or you can eat out without worrying about wasting food you’ve already prepped.

These plans are designed with my favorite time-saving principles of cooking once and eating 2-3 times.

By using easy meal prep principles, you’ll have healthy plant-based meals on the table in no time at all.

"Without your incredibly fun and detailed recipes, my family would starve. You make going vegan all the more awesome. I can't cook to save my life, so your recipes really really help me and are so easy to follow even I can't mess them up. You rock girl!!!!" -Sioban
"This (vegan eggs benedict) was delicious! I’ve made it at least once a week since I found the recipe. Thank you. Even my boys (who love eggs and bacon on the weekends) loved the hollandaise sauce." -Lisa
Thank you so much for explaining the meal breakdown to the detail that you did, I’m actually going to print out that plan to help my dad do his vegan challenge that he’s starting on the 21st to try to help him lose weight. ☺️💜 -Allie
Meal planning is so important, not only do you make sure you are getting everything you need and saves money.
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What do I get when I purchase a meal plan?

Every meal plan comes in a beautifully designed printable book that can be accessed on your device or printed and placed into a binder.

Recipes include average servings per recipe, nutritional information, and full colour gorgeous photos.

The grocery store checklist included at the beginning of each plan will guide you and help you decide what you already have on hand and what you’ll need to pick up at the store before you begin.

A Day Zero meal prep guide is included in every meal plan. This day will set you up for the rest of the week so you can create super quick vegan meals-even when you’re busy!

Each plan contains step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow both for Day Zero (meal prep day) and every single day of the week.

Can my Family Eat This Plan as well?

Yes! Absolutely! My meal plans are designed with families in mind.

I have a very large family of six and I know it can be challenging to find something everyone will enjoy.

These meal plans make it easy to get everyone eating delicious, healthy food together.

How Many People are the Plans Designed For?

Most recipes are designed to feed 4-6 people, depending on the portion sizes you dish out.

I made the recipes large because I want you to be able to eat as much as you like, and I wanted you to have the option of eating leftovers on days 6 and 7 if you like.

What if it's just me at home?

These meal plans can easily be customized no matter how many people you need to feed.

Simply half the recipe -or better yet, make the whole batch and freeze half for next week!

How does a meal plan help?

Meal planning saves you a ton of time, effort and money!

By following the grocery store checklists provided in each plan, you’ll know exactly what to buy for the week.

This will prevent you from over buying (wasting money) and then not using what you buy (wasting money x2)

The step-by-step meal prep guide saves you time and effort during the days when you just don’t have the extra time to commit to cooking a full on meal.

What will I be eating on the plan?

All of the plans are 100% plant-based and vegan.

The recipes can be adjusted to suit your needs-whether you want to eat entirely whole plant foods, or if you like to include vegan comfort foods as well like faux meats and cheeses.

I’ve focused on making the recipes oil-free, processed sugar-free, and salt-free, but of course-it’s YOUR plan, so adjust as you see fit!

Are the recipes gluten free/soy free?

These vegan meal plans are available at an exclusive pre-sale rate right now!

The pre-sale pricing will only be offered for a limited time as the plans are being completed.

Every plan will be available on May 14, 2021.

How does it work?

These vegan meal plans are available right now!

You’ll get immediate access to the Day Zero Meal Prep Guide, Grocery Store Checklist, 5-Day Vegan Plan, and Easy Recipes 

So you can get organized and start eating better today!

Where can I get my hands on a Meal Plan?

Have a peek at the meal plans below, and once you find one (or two!) that you like, click on it and you’ll be taken to the checkout!

Light & Delicious

  1. Dive into buddha bowls, smoothies, dips and spreads, and filling salads. Perfect for anyone looking to lose a little weight or just enjoy the energy that comes from eating light!

Classic Italian Comfort

Think creamy pasta bakes, pizzas, savory soups and vegan cheeses that really hit the spot!

Not Meat & Potatoes

This plan includes big breakfasts, hearty soups and stews, and filling mains that will keep you satisfied!

Whether you’re new to this whole plant-based thing, or you’ve been eating this way for a while, having a delicious meal plan ready to go is such a time saver.

Plus you’ll learn some basics along the way that will help you plan your very own vegan meals to make life easy.