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Why People Hate Vegans-And What You Can Do About It


Why People Hate Vegans-and What YOU can do About it.

Okay, maybe hate is a strong word. But, a lot of the time when people mention they are vegan they can get a lot of flack…

Yesterday I was listening to a popular radio station here in Edmonton and the hosts were talking about how it’s their friends birthday today and usually for work birthdays the crew get together and celebrate with a birthday cake. The problem was that their friend is a vegan.

“Sorry buddy, I’m not buying you a $6000.00 birthday cake” was more or less the gist of it.

“Ugh! Why do you have to be a vegan!” Was the other comment made by the second host.

And really, don’t we all think that way?

For all of my vegan followers think back to the time when you didn’t know what a vegan was. Obviously once you found out more about it you decided it was the right choice for you to move towards this lifestyle. For many others they really can’t wrap their heads around why anyone would want to choose such a hard road.

Here is why I think so many people hate vegans:

1. It’s inconvenient for them.

Most people really don’t even know what “vegan” means. With the popularity of the movement increasing word is slowly getting out, but for the most part people are confused between vegan and all the other subsets of vegetarianism.

What you can do:

Make it easy for them. Always offer to bring something you can eat to a gathering and be open to eating at a place that can accommodate both of your needs.

2. They feel like they don’t know you anymore.

This is a main source of backlash that we experienced once we told our friends and family about our decision to go vegan.

What you can do:

Don’t barrage them with too much info. You are going to sound like you just drank the Kool-Aid. Educate in a way that is not pushy or judgmental.

This can be incredibly difficult if you are a new vegan, as often times you will feel upset and bewildered that the world is not how you once saw it and you want everyone you love to make the transition as well.

3. It removes the possibility of bonding over family treasured food.

“What do you mean you can’t have grandma’s pie?!”

What you can do:

Veganize some of your favorites and serve them when you host. This will show them that you aren’t missing out and that you care enough to keep those memories around. If you need inspiration the internet has a plethora of information. Still need help? Contact me. Veganizing is my passion!

4. They feel judged.

Ya, sorry there is no real way around this one. If you have already lovingly explained what you know about why it’s important for you to be vegan, then they most likely will feel that you think less of them for not being vegan.

What you can do:

What I can say is this: you need to do everything possible to show that you respect their way of life. Avoid saying “you should…” at all costs. People are smart. If they want more info, they can find it on their own.

Remember to show your support for any attempts they make to reduce their consumption of animal products, or to include you by providing vegan options when you visit.

5. They can’t understand why you would make such a drastic change for such a small or distant result.

And really, they don’t need to understand. In the end this is YOUR choice. This can be a dangerous trap that leads you into over-explaining (for the millionth time) and coming off as judgmental.

What you can do:

Using phrases like “It seems to be working for me so far” (as originally suggested by Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine); or “I’m really happy/enjoying this lifestyle” can’t really be argued. It reaffirms your position without inflicting any kind of harm to the person asking. I’ve found this to be the saving grace of getting out of arguments surrounding my lifestyle choices.


So, are you vegan? Are you thinking about going vegan? Tell me the struggles you’ve encountered and what scares you in the comments down below. I’ve started this blog to help non-vegans, new vegans and us seasoned vets alike so go ahead and ask me a question!


To learn more about why it can be hard to go vegan, and stay vegan see my article here.

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Megan Kerry is a Vegan Lifestyle Educator and Licensed Practical Nurse. Her content focuses on vegan recipes and ethical living. She is a mom of four children, a long time vegan, and an even longer time foodie. She loves veganizing any and all dishes and sharing her recipes and lifestyle tips with all of you!

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